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[09 Jun 2004|12:31am]
--Thirteen Conversations About One Thing--

1. Start.

2. Show me a happy man.

3. You look so serious.

4. Ignorance is bliss.

5. I once knew a happy man. His happiness was a curse.

6. Fuck guilt.

7. Ask yourself if you're happy.

8. Fortune smiles at some and laughs at others.

9. Wisdom comes suddenly.

10. I can never go back.

11. The mind is its own place.

12. I'm ready to surrender.

13. Eighteen inches of personal space.
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whatta gay night/my beliefs right now. pick one. [31 May 2004|09:37pm]
so far my summer has been so cool. you guys just don't know. first off, i didn't get to go to my friend's party because why? oh i dunno. it was down the street from my house. ends up we get a call from a friend sayin right after we said we "might stop by" about 15 girls show up, and half get naked and swim in the pool.

life 1 charlie 0

then i wake up from that evening after being wasted nearly all that night, and i awake without being able to move/breath. why? i'm fucking sick as a bitch. straight up ruined the rest of the day.

life 2 charlie 0

next day i get up early, go to work, work my ass off, go home, jam with suli (good time there), then i'm about to go pick kevin up to spend the night with friends and my dad walks in. lemme tell ya why my last name is dickerson. he barges in and goes, out of nowhere, "oh, i forgot, you didn't go to church so you can't do anything past...um...10pm until friday." needless to say, i bitched like no other.

life+dad 3 charlie 0

so i go to starbucks with kevin, get home at 10 because i'm a pussy, and start talking to my mom. i had the longest, stupidest conversation about the "episcopalian" church and religion in general. every question i asked, she gave me the same answer. i know it sounds like i'm the typical teen revolting against the parents but there's something more here.

first of all, someone tell me, if we all believe the same thing (being christian)... why are there 20 different kinds of christian. it's like, "well... let's see. i don't like that one...no... not that one either...ah, here we go. in this religion i can have sex and divorce! cool! and i'm still a christian!"

secondly, if there is scientific evidence of dinosaurs roaming the earth millions of years before any human was created... how does that match up with "the world was created in 7 days, all animals and man were created on the 6th day. oh, and eve ate an apple and now man is doomed."

oh and another thing. if jesus christ himself was jewish, and christians believe everything in the bible, why isn't everyone jewish. no dissing to jews, i'm startin to think maybe they were thinking ahead. everytime you click on a tv channel you see some new bat mitzvah (sp) celebration special so we know they run the media. we know they run most movie production companies, and we know most of our jewish friends are rich. absolutely no dissing to any jew anywhere, i'm actually complementing you. you guys did something right. help out all these christians who keep fighting amongst themselves.

finally, if religion were actually something more than what i believe to be either 1. discipline with a different name, or 2. something to do on sunday, then someone clue me in. no i'm not just saying this stuff cause my parents are christian. i want this on my own, with help from other knowledgeable colleages. i feel like i can't even argue with my parents because they can't see something i see. i feel like i'm somewhat smarter than they are because they can't embrace change. their fathers and forefathers pounded this stuff to where it took years, decades, centuries, to break it. i want to find out something different. i want to challenge it. i want to break it. i want to be the first to say,

"i know."

p.s. this is only the beginning to what i'm talking about. talk to me in person or something if you have answers.
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bored - watching talk shows on mute [04 May 2004|10:01pm]
[ mood | k r i s p y k r e m e ]

i can't stop watchin tv shows about cars being pimped and tricked out. i guess i can only dream of having my VOLVO (shutup bitches) tricked tha phuck out.

anyway, i took SATs last saturday. shitty. i had to wake up to test my brain on how much someone thought i should know. every single question was basically "what answer do you think the dumbass who wrote this test would choose?" cause it seemed like there were always 2-3 good answers, one being semi-better.

other than that, not too much else in my life is outstanding. my band is getting better, and we really do hope to record before school is out. it's a possibility. aaron just got a bass, andrew has his new guitar, and suli is receiving his stack. say i won't but tons of cymbals.

i got my maxim 100 hottest women taken away. eat shit mrs. livingston

anyway, in light of the "bryan's el jay massacre" as i've dubbed it, i decided to cheer everyone up with a new pic of this chick named VIDA GUERRA. you will come to know this name very closely, don't worry. enjoi.

time expired you idiots. i told you it would

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position 2 [24 Apr 2004|10:51pm]
[ mood | feelin good, dunno why ]

yeah what a boring weekend. if i told you how many parties i "went to" you'd say something like "dayum playa" or "brush ya shouldas off." if i told you how many parties i stayed at for longer than 5 minutes you might know why i was in band for 3 years of my life. long weekend blown to shit, it seemed as if i were like 2 minutes behind everybody else. i was looking forward to seein old friends at this surpirze bday party and it ended up bein bunk cause when we got there, the bday girl was "being raped" and everyone had left the party to go look for her. she wasn't raped, but i still lost out. i've spent a whole lot of my time chillin at blimpie with chris and jj and suli, bryan, este and the like. chris is a badass guy, i enjoy his company. i've been over at his house a lot this weekend. shoutout to my boi

  brush your shoulders off chris

 i really wanna buy some cymbals tomorrow. i love bryan's 14" a-custom fast crash, cept i want a little bigger, gonna get a 15". my grades are drastically improving, love life is meh, teen kelly is god and i love the show scrubs.

furthermore, natural lite sucks.

at blimpie for like 2 hours, chris and jj watched me play some "dating simulation." it was the funniest thing i've ever seen. it took me "88 days and $17,000" to beat the game and "win her heart." cause it took so long chris thinks i'm gay lmao

Ganguro Girl 1.5

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i'm bored [20 Apr 2004|09:17pm]
[ mood | throat hurts ]

gotta hand it to Quentin Tarantino. loved the whole Kill Bill series. hoping for more. uma thurman just got hotter.

i'm going to buy cymbals this week for my drumset, i've got a lot of money to spend and it's burning a hole in my pocket. pitch in though and maybe i can get another stand or somethin. i'm getting a lot of inspiration from the Mudvayne drummer right now, he blows my mind and makes me want to practice more. i havn't had too much time to practice because i'm working a lot more because darin quit blimpie but decided not to tell anybody. that guy... well won't say anything. btw-he got his gf to call for him to tell us he wouldn't be coming in. my dad and no one working there deserved what he did to us.

fuck being a pussy.
here's to you.

i failed two classes and wasn't punished at all. what motivation i have. suli gets a stack for passing his classes, and this is the only time i've ever failed a class. props to suli though lol.

how 'bout them spurs?
mentos are amazing.

this is my first update since jesus christ was born, so reply and maybe i'll be back. looking forward to having friday off. ps--->>este! enjoy that "apc concert"

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